CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS in Germany and abroad


Takuya Taniguchi teaches classical japanese Taiko in different styles:

Nagado-hiraoki, Okedo, Shime O-daiko, Naname, Hachijyo, Ryoumen, Chchibu-yataibayashi, Dengaku


4~20 drummers can participate in workshops. An individual teaching is also possible on demand. Previous to the workshop, the purpose of the each workshop groups will be defined.


Elementary course

Here you will be given the first introduction to the japanese Taiko performance, you can experience yourself, which way you would like to follow with the japanese Taiko.

• Learning the basic technique

• Lesson of the easily understandable Nagado-Hiraoki style.

• Practicing the basic rhythm of the japanese drums

• Acquiring the easy Taiko pieces.


Advanced course

This course is based on the elementary course. The course is for the drummer, who has a longer experience in Taiko performance.

• Learning the different stroking techniques

• Practicing the more demanding rhythms

• Acquiring the demanding Taiko pieces in high Tempo.


Master course

This course is for the Taiko drummer who has a long experience in group performances and for the drummer with various styles.


• Working in detail with all acquired stroking techniques.

• Learning the complicated rhythms in high Tempo, Self-training

• Acquiring the solo Taiko pieces.

• Letting the body get used to the difficult and long performance of the solo drumming.


The workshop always starts with the long warm-up and stretch exercise in order to prevent the injury during the performance. This also encourages the player’s body to become more flexible and strengthens the muscle. We can perpare the Taiko and the Bachi (sticks) if necessary. Please bring a simple training cloths and a hand towel with you to the workshop.

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